Sony Music Nashville recording artist Rachel Wammack was invited on the tour of a lifetime when the Country Music Association asked her to join their overseas CMA Introducing Nashville series. Wammack, along with Danielle Bradbery, Walker Hayes, Devin Dawson and Travis Denning, criss-crossed around Europe, performing for fans in Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, among other incredible countries. During her trip, Wammack kept an in-depth diary about her experience and is sharing it exclusively with fans at Sounds Like Nashville. Check it out below!

Hi y’all, I’m Rachel Wammack, and I can’t believe I just got back from a two week tour of Europe for the CMA Introducing Nashville Series. Since I was a little kid watching and loving movies like What a Girl Wants, Harry Potter, The Sound of Music, and SO MANY MORE, I have wanted to travel to Europe. I never imagined that the opportunity to go would actually present itself because of my music. That is so wild to me, and I’m so thankful for my first memories there as an artist. I was blown away that my first sights of Norway, Sweden, Germany, Scotland, and England were because I went to perform my original songs for some crazy hardcore European country music fans. This travel chapter of my life was truly hard to believe. 

I found out I was invited on this trip a few months beforehand, and it wasn’t until like two days before the trip when I started packing in my bedroom that it hit me in my heart that this trip was really happening. It was during that moment that I decided I would live in the moment during this entire adventure and let it move and change me. And I believe it did. I remember getting on the airplane for my first long flight and thinking to myself, “This is crazy!”

The trip was fast paced with travel every day either by van, train, or plane. I actually took my very first train ride to Amsterdam, and it felt like we were in Harry Potter! Ha! When we got on the train, we realized we were on the complete opposite end and the doors closed. We were on car 1 instead of car 12, and so all of us pushed our luggage down 12 cars. I don’t think the Europeans liked us that day. Hahaha! Everyone’s got to learn the ropes, right? Over these two weeks, I really fell in love with the quaintness of the European way. I had some really good pizza, drank my first Flat White coffee (which I didn’t even know they have in America?), walked along the rivers of Amsterdam and danced with a lady in a bakery, had the best McDonald’s fries in Brighton, popped the biggest bubble I’ve ever seen in my life, had a drink at an Scottish pub, had breakfast in London, and saw countless buildings that took my breath away.

The first week of the trip was Danielle, Devin, Travis, and me. Then, the second week, Devin went to go get married, and Walker Hayes joined us. Most of the nights, we had a local opener play for 30 minutes or so. They were all insanely talented performers that got the crowds really excited for some country music. You could tell the crowds were really proud of their local talent, and also so thankful that we traveled so far to perform for them.